Friday, April 2, 2010

Round 1.

Ok, so here is the first installment of my rantings for the month of April...

First, I hate "Octomom." I don't know what it is about her (not really, I know exactly what it is about her,) but I just can't bring myself to feel the slightest bit of sympathy for her, or her army of children. I think the thing that makes me most upset is not that she's crazy enough to keep watering down my gene pool with her offspring, it's that no one seems to want to be the one to say, "umm... I think maybe you should stop." I think it's even more ridiculous and irresponsible to give this crazy bitch money just for treating her vajayjay like a clown car. I have the utmost respect and understanding for those people who can not have children without medical intervention. I think that the fact that we have technology to overcome that kind of adversity is a comforting and terrifying thought at the same time. It comforts me to know that medicine can help to propagate our species, but it terrifies me that this "blessing" is being used for things like this. I also hold single parents in the highest regard. Anyone who can go that road alone is an a-number-one-bad-ass in my opinion. I don't however, have the slightest incling of a notion of respect for a woman who will continue, and continue, and continue to bring children into the world that she obviously has neither the means, nor the sense to properly care for. The icing on the cake is, just when I thought the final chapters of this farce were being penned, and she was in jeopardy of losing whatever hovel that they all live in, PETA, yes... PETA swoops in to save the day. They are going to give her money to put a sign in her yard that says, "Don't let your pet become an 'octomom.' Spay and neuter." Really? Is that the message that we should all take from this? This creature is bringing helpless children into the world uncontrollably, and PETA wants to give her money to use her as an example? For Snuffles...? Misguided is not the word I'm looking for.
Does anyone else get an image of a plague of botox injected freak locusts?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

There's a first time for everything...

This blog is not intended to have any merit or meaning. None of my views (for, or against) any of your pet causes are intended to offend you. This blog is intended to merely be an outlet for my random musings about random topics. If something that is posted here differs from your personal views, then by all means, please make a comment. If I have the wrong idea about something I'd love to know it. What I'm not interested in, is ignorance, which is the primary reason that I wanted to give this "blogging" thing a try. As the name of my page suggests, I muse about many things, very few of which are "amusing" to me. The world is as full of hate, injustice, ignorance, and stupidity, as it is full of love, justice, acceptance, and wisdom. It is this constant torrent of conflicting beliefs and reasoning that plagues me. Perhaps it is best if no one ever reads my messages. Or maybe I could hope that, come tomorrow, everything is right in the world and I have no reason to write at all. We'll see... The most important thing to remember is that I don't write these messages at you, to you, or for you. If I am writing ABOUT you, then we just happen to be on opposite sides, but I will avoid this as best I can. Remember that sometimes pessimism and realism are indistinguishable from each other. Some days it really is that bad for someone out there. Let's hope those days are few and far between for all of us.